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HIGHTOP is one of leading chicken crate manufacturers and suppliers from China. For 20 years we have been focusing on providing poultry transport solutions, such as chickens, ducks, quails, pigeons, and fowls, etc.

HIGHTOP chicken crates are made of high-density polyethylene, which is strong, long-lasting and maintenance-free. Its top and bottom interlocking system can ensure the safety of your load. At the same time, poultry crates provide excellent ventilation to keep the poultry healthy during transportation.

Poultry crates make the poultry loading more quickly and safely. It is stackable, allowing you to transport large amounts of poultry more safely and easily. Poultry crate is an ideal solution for poultry farms, poultry slaughterhouses and poultry sales companies.

Although plastic poultry crates are mostly used to transport poultry, they can also be used to isolate sick birds from the chicken flock, or for other occasional needs.

Your inquiry is most welcomed. HIGHTOP’s professional team will provide you with the most suitable poultry transportation solutions.

chicken transport crate

plastic chicken transport cages

plastic chicken crates

Our Products

We also offer the best pre-sale and after-sale service to all our customers who are in poultry farming business.

Suitable for a variety of poultry loading and transportation

Brand new virgin plastic, anti-extrusion, anti-fall and pressure resistance, long-distance transportation, multi-layer stacking


Why choose us

Hightop is one of the best chicken crates suppliers and poultry transport cage manufacturers in China. We have more than 20 years of experience can provide customers with a full range of poultry crates products.

More About
Long Lasting
Our crates have a longer lifespan than most, up to five years.
Protect Poultry Safety
Properly designed transport crates protect the feet of poultry.
Good Material
100% pure PE material, not a recycled material.
Excellent Design
Small holes in the crates and a smooth bottom avoid clamping and possible injury of poultry.

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