Live Bird Transport Crates

HIGHTOP live bird crates are available in various sizes, used to transport birds of different sizes such as chickens, ducks, quails, pigeons, and so on. It enables a more easy and safe transport for a large number of birds, which is suitable for poultry farms, poultry slaughter, and poultry sales agencies.

HIGHTOP bird transport crates are made of HDPE plastic, which is lightweight, durable and maintenance-free. It is designed to protect your poultry at a minimal cost. It has a large central sliding door on the top, which can load and unload birds easily and quickly. The large open area provides excellent ventilation, which is conducive to keeping the poultry healthy during transportation. HIGHTOP bird crates are ideal for transporting all kinds of poultry or game birds.


  • Easy to assemble, self-locking assembly, no screws, easy to disassemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to stack
  • Better air circulation provided.
  • Smooth surface avoids bruising and flapping of poultry

live bird crates

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