Plastic Quail Transport Crates

HIGHTOP quail crates are used to transport quails or other poultry of smaller size. It is made of 100% high-density polyethylene, which is lightweight but very durable. It has a sliding door on the top for the quick loading of birds. Quail transport crates can well-accommodate quail and other small poultry, while being low enough to restrain flying or jumping. The open grid design provides sufficient ventilation during transportation, which helps keep the quail healthy. The corners are reinforced so that they can be stacked safely to transport large numbers of birds. HIGHTOP quail transport crates are your ideal choice for fast and safe transportation of quail and birds of similar size.


  • Easy to assemble, interlocking assembly, no screws required
  • Easy to disassemble, can disassemble when not in use, saving space
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to stack
  • Smooth surface avoids bruising and flapping of poultry
  • Provides better air circulation

Plastic Quail Transport Crates

plastic quail crates

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