Plastic Duck Crates

HIGHTOP duck crates are designed to transport ducks or other larger poultry. HIGHTOP duck transport crates are made of high-density polyethylene to provide the durability required for continuous use. It provides excellent load-bearing capacity and is stackable, allowing you to transport large numbers of poultry more safely and easily. The top sliding door of the crate allows for quick and easy loading of poultry, while the side door allows for removal and release of poultry. Moreover, the open grid design provides sufficient ventilation during transportation to ensure the health of poultry.


  • Self-locking assembly, no need for screw, easy to disassemble.
  • Sliding top door, easy to open and load poultry
  • Safely load and stack
  • Plastic is light in weight, but it can be used in extreme temperatures
  • Good ventilation to keep the poultry healthy during transportation
  • Protect poultry feet. The small grid at the bottom of the crate prevents the poultry’s feet from getting injured.

plastic duck crates

duck transport crates

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