Plastic Chicken Transport Crates, Cages & Boxes

Chicken transport crates is the easiest and safest way if you want to transport a large number of chickens.

HIGHTOP transport cages are made of 100% high-density polyethylene, providing safer use and longer service life. It is stackable, can quickly and easily transport a large number of chickens, and helps to reduce the death of poultry due to long-term transportation and high-temperature environments.

Our chicken transport crates have a large sliding door for the quick loading of poultry. The large open area provides good ventilation that ensures the health of the chickens. Its scientific design and smooth surface minimize bruises and wing injury. The small grid at the bottom of the crate can prevent the birds’ feet from getting injured.


  • Self-locking assembly, no need for screw, easy to disassemble.
  • Excellent ventilation, more suitable for long-distance transportation and high-temperature conditions
  • Strengthened door design, more resistant to impact and prevent the door from breaking during carrying.
  • Safely load and stack

chicken transport cages

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